Automating annotation for computer vision

Iterate on your training data creation and model building faster than ever while retaining 100% control of your data.

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Labeled training data, radically faster

Our novel algorithmic approach automates 99% of your manual labeling tasks - the biggest bottleneck in building modern AI applications - replacing thousands of hours of human labeling.

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We built Cord to support you as your company adopt and scales computer vision AI applications.


Expansive ergonomic image & video data labeling toolkit.


Embedded algorithms and heuristics help to replace manual labeling.


Condense the iteration cycle by finding the right data to label.


One-click state-of-the-art model training and inference.


Combine algorithms, heuristics, and models into data programs.


Discover biases and imbalances with advanced visualization features.

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Why You Should Ditch Your In-House Training Data Tools
“ If your tool is built on top of CVAT — like most of the machine vision teams we’ve worked with — it quickly starts to succumb to the increased workload and comes down crashing faster than you can say Melvin Capital. “
Written by Ulrik Hansen
The article can be found here (Medium)

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