Object detection, accelerated

Our fast and intuitive vector tools help to enrich your data to build cutting-edge AI applications that automatically detects objects in image and video data.

Features 02
Auto segmentation

Polygons faster than ever

Our state-of-the-art auto-segmentation feature helps you speed up polygon image segmentation.

  • Works on any object
  • Customizable polygon density approximation
Features 03
Vector labeling

Enrich your data

Annotate any image and video data with our vector labeling tools. Assign custom attributes and preserve conditional relationships at the individual object level.

  • Bounding box
  • Polygon
  • Keypoint
  • Track objects across frames (unique instance ID's)
  • Custom attributes
Features 02
Label visualization

Identify biases and imbalances early

Keep track of object & classification counts, as well as class and attribute composition. Spot early biases in your training data to inform labeler efforts. Build better models.

  • Deeply nested attributes
  • Temporal classification
  • Hotkey support
Features 03
Active learning

Create high-quality training data at scale

Run inference with models trained on the platform or integrate your own. Define accuracy cutoffs and direct labeler attention to where the model is struggling.

  • Bulk labeling operations
  • Quality assurance workflows

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