The most powerful video annotation tool ever created

State-of-the art object tracking and interpolation features accelerates your video training data creation. Keep track of objects as they enter and leave the frame.

Features 03
Efficient video labeling

Object tracking & interpolation

Our object tracking & interpolation labeling algorithms maximize the efficiency of your labelers and help you exploit the temporal features in your video data.

  • Track objects across frames (unique instance ID's)
  • Bounding box tracking
  • Polygon tracking & interpolation
Features 02
Video classification


Apply nested classifications and preserve conditional relationships across or on a frame-by-frame basis.

  • Deeply nested attributes
  • Temporal classification
Features 03
Vector labeling

Bounding box, polygon, and keypoint tools

Create labels for object detection and image segmentation - with unique instance ID's - in individual frames.

  • Track objects across frames (unique instance ID's)
  • Bounding box tracking & interpolation
  • Polygon tracking & interpolation
  • Keypoint tracking & interpolation

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